Finally, Real Hope! Escozine

This website offers inclusive information to help you with self-empowerment for making real life choices. Escozine™ is a patented, natural supplement that has shown amplified molecular activity that has proven positive results in numerous areas of cellular malignancies and immunal deficiencies.

Welcome to new vistas of REAL HOPE with Escozine™ and its supported properties to address and help your health decision processes.

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Native American Nutri-Science, Inc is committed to bringing a new generation approach to natural health care. Native American Nutri-Science and Medolife™ have formed a strategic alliance to bring you Escozine™, which is a patented scientific innovation from nature for your health.

We would like to introduce you to Escozine™


Escozine™ is a natural product which contains Serum derived from the Rhopalurus Princeps, or better known as the Caribbean Blue Scorpion. Over the last 15 years, countless thousands suffering from various illnesses and diseases have seen their health significantly improved through the use of Blue Scorpion Serum. So let's begin our walk together on a new journey toward real hope and the prospects of better health. We first want to introduce you to this amazing natural product, Escozine™ and it's patented formulation.

Escozine™ has "more potential for healing than any other medicine offered by my oncologist."
- Patient P.H., Kansas, USA (Breast cancer survivor)