Who is Native American Nutri-Science?

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Damon F.  Schlenske, President, Native American Nutri-Science, Inc.

Damon F.  Schlenske, President, Native American Nutri-Science, Inc.

Native American Nutri-Science, Inc. has been designated the strategic distributor for Medolife™ International Bio-Pharmaceutical Company and its acclaimed "Natural Supplement" Escozine™ with its polarized, amplified molecular activity produces the same effect as a drug while maintaining its natural efficacy. Under the corporate leadership of Damon F. Schlenske, President, has formed a distribution and marketing alliance, which encompasses the sales and distribution of Escozine™ from Native American Reservations in the United States and Canada. Native American Nutri-Science and Medolife™ International have aligned themselves together to bring Escozine to those searching for proven adjunct products that is well documented and has already been utilized . Escozine™ is a patented scientific innovation from nature for one’s health care. Native American Nutri-Science, Inc. is committed to bring this new generation approach to all phases of natural health care.

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Who is Medolife™?

Dr. Arthur Grant Mikaelian, Founder, President and CEO of Medolife™

Dr. Arthur Grant Mikaelian, Founder, President and CEO of Medolife

Medolife™ is an International Bio-Pharmaceutical Company for research and development into immune system related support, founded in 2007 in the United States, by Dr. Arthur Grant Mikaelian (CEO). It was created for the clear purpose of providing effective next generation dietary supplementation for the various types of age related cellular breakdowns and malignant aggressions.

“My mission is to develop a new generation of nutraceuticals strong enough to have measurable and scientifically proven curative effects without causing any damaging side effects to human health.” 
- Dr. Arthur Grant Mikaelian

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Escozine™ will very soon become one of the main alternative or complementary options in the conventional cancer treatment protocol.
- Dr. Ramon Feliz

Escozine™ Certificate of Registration From Dominican Republic Ministry of Health